Your Monthly Kawaii & Cute merch straight from Japan!



What is SoKawaii?
SoKawaii is a monthly subscription crate full of cute items from Japan. We are based in Japan and we love everything kawaii. We hope to share with you the most of it!
What's inside my box?
Each month, you'll get a cute package of 5 to 8 products selected from everything kawaii in Japan, including:

- Plushies
- Kawaii figures
- Lifestyle goods
- Wearable & accessories
- Collectibles
- Stationery
- Kitchenware
- Bags & pouches
- and even more!

We're always looking for the best and latest items available. Everything is 100% official licensed, only available in Japan and so kawaii!!!

Could I know which products will be featured in my upcoming box?

In order to keep it a surprise, we do not reveal all the items featured in the upcoming box, except for two or three spoilers. We also do a theme reveal at the beginning of each month in order for you to see the main licences included and to help you decide whether you want to subscribe or not!

Can I receive a free crate to review on my blog & social media accounts (Youtube, Instagram, TikTok etc.)?

We do offer free crates for sponsored reviews. We would love to send crates to all those who request it, however we have a limited quantities of boxes to send for free. Please feel free to send your request to our support and we'll get back to you! Make sure to provide as much relevant information as you can, name, links, monthly statistics and other information that could help us make a decision.


When does my box ship and how long will it take to arrive?

Your box is shipped around the 8th of the month following your order. Crates are shipped from Japan. Please note that delays may vary due to peak holiday seasons or bad weather. Please see the last updates about shipping on this page.

The estimated delivery time is based on your country's shipping method:

  • Express Shipping: 3-5 days
  • Airmail/Surface mail/SAL: 7-21 days
  • Surface Mail: 60-90 days.

You will receive a shipping notification by email when your box is dispatched from our warehouse in Tokyo, Japan.

If you haven't received your box by the expected arrival time, pleasecontact your local post office by providing the tracking number orcontact our support team here.

If your box is shipped with DHL or USPS, please contact them directly if you encounter any shipping issues (stolen box, delivered to wrong address, etc).

How much is shipping?

Due to the current worldwide COVID-19 situation, free shipping is no longer available for some countries. Please check the shipping rates at check out. For more information please visit this page.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide! If your country is not on the list, feel free to contact us. Please see the last updates about shipping on this page. Even though we try to make our crates available worldwide, some regions experience a high rate of lost packages, issues with customs clearance, or undeliverable addresses. We are doing our best to improve our shipping options so your country may be added on the list in the near future!

My box has been sent back to you. Will you resend it to me?

Crates will be returned to us if you provide a wrong address in your Account information or if the delivery attempt was unsuccessful after a number of tries and if the deadline to claim and pick up your box is over (usually after 15 days of storage). If you need to change your shipping address please contact our customer service before the shipping date otherwise we will use the old address. We won't be able to issue a refund for the crate until we can confirm that it's been sent back to our warehouse.

If you wish to have the crate sent back to you and the shipment was undeliverable due to an incorrect address or failure to pick up your crate at your local post office, we will have to charge $7,90 for shipping and handling.


What payment methods are available?

Currently, we only accept payments through all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.)
We are working on offering more payment methods such as Paypal in the near future.

When will I be charged?

The initial charge is made immediately after your first order. Next payments will be processed the 15th (JST) of the month (or once every 3, 6, 12 months depending on your subscription plan). Payments are made the month before the box has been shipped. For example, if you subscribed from January 1st to 31st you will get the February box. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you will have to do so prior to the next recurring charge. We won't be able to issue a refund for orders made after the recurring charge.

Why my payment didn't go through?

Make sure you are using a credit card to order.
Payment error can occur if your credit card has expired or if you have insufficient funds.
If you are still having issues with your payment card, please contact your bank first.

How do I get a refund?

If you have a case regarding lost and damaged packages or missing items, please contact Support to see if you qualify to receive a refund. Please be sure to submit information such as your name, the order number, the reason for requesting a refund. Please provide as much information as you can such as photos.Canceling a subscription does not automatically give you a refund as canceling subscriptions only cancel future renewals and shipments.Failure to cancel a subscription before the next billing date will not be automatically refunded.

I change my mind, can I return the crate?

I change my mind, can I return the crate?


Can I order one box only, without subscribing?

At this time we are only offering recurring subscriptions. However, you can still order just one box by subscribing and then cancelling your subscription right away. That way you will only be billed for the one month’s box.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Sorry to see you go! You can cancel anytime via your customer portal. If you would like to cancel, log into your customer portal and click the “cancel” button. Your subscription will be cancelled upon request and you won't receive any additional boxes other than the ones you paid for. If you change your mind later about the next boxes and want to renew your subscription, you will have to create a new order. You will receive a confirmation of the cancellation via email shortly after completing the cancellation process. Please be sure to cancel your subscription before your billing date to avoid renewing your subscription for the next cycle.

When I sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 months plan, is it all charged up front?

Yes. You are charged in advance the full price for your subscription plan.

What happens if I forgot to cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions must be canceled prior to the billing date or it will renew for another cycle.Once your subscription renews and your order has been processed, we are unable to cancel the order or accept a returned crate for refund.


Are there any additional shipping fees such as International customs & taxes?

We do not charge for customs and taxes. Please keep in mind that customs and taxes can be collected by your country at the time of delivery. We are not liable for extra charges that you may receive as we do not have control over the import taxes.We also understate the value of our crates so that they are less likely to be charged customs fees.If you decide to refuse the shipment to avoid paying customs fees, we can refund you the cost of the crate but not the shipping.

For all our European customers, please visit this page about new VAT rules.

What's your pricing in my country's currency?

Prices are in USD. We only process payments in USD.Your bank will process the currency exchange so be aware that the pricing will be different.Also, since we only process payments in USD, we also only process refunds in USD.
Any further assistance? If you couldn't find the answer to your question here,
feel free to contact our support, we will do our best to reply within 72 hours!