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New e-commerce EUROPE VAT rules as of July 2021

Starting on July 1st 2021, European tax rules on e-commerce are changing. From this date, all purchases made on websites based outside the European Union will be subject to VAT, from the 1st euro. For example, if a French resident buys a product worth EUR 10.00 on a website based in Japan, he will also have to pay EUR 2.00 in VAT (the VAT rate in France is 20%).

This VAT can be paid in 2 different ways:

1 - To the carrier, upon delivery. In this case, additional management fees are also billed by the carriers.

2 - When purchasing on the website, in addition to the price excluding tax of the products. This method will work for payments made from July 1st, for shops registered on a special system of the European Union.

How about SoKawaii? We are actively working on the second method. It is a very time-consuming process and is not easy for small companies like us since the law has been intended for large sales platforms. We will do our best to keep you updated along the way.

During the transition period (for parcels paid before July 1 but delivered in July), there is a large chance that VAT will be requested upon delivery by your local carrier. This will depend on the degree of application of the new law during the month of July and the transition period. It's impossible to predict, but expect to have to pay VAT on all your packages coming from outside of Europe, including SoKawaii.

Many questions still remain about the application of these new rules and we do not yet have all the answers. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support in the upcoming weeks.

In order to answer your questions, please read the FAQ below before reaching us. Our customer service is handling an exceptional volume of requests due to the situation so please be patient and avoid sending the same message on multiple channels. Thank you for your understanding.

Are the orders still being shipped?
Yes, orders are still processed as usual. We strongly advise that you provide a home address rather than a business address.

Please see the statement below for more information about delivery delays depending on your country.
Is my country on the list of restricted countries?
Please read the last update in the statement above to see if your country is on the list of the affected countries. 

Is the estimated delivery time impacted by the COVID-19?

Yes. Due to the global reduction of flights and some post office restrictions, considerable delivery delays are expected for outbound mail items to other countries/territories.Please note that estimated delivery time using Express method is around 3 to 4 days once your box is being processed and shipped.

My box has been returned, what should I do?

No action is required on your side. Our team will handle the redelivery and you will be advised as soon as your box has been processed and is ready to be shipped again.

I don't have a tracking number, how do I know if my box has been returned? 

If your box has been returned to us, you will be informed by email as soon as we process and resend your box.
Our customer service is handling an exceptional volume of requests due to the situation. Please, don't reach out to ask where your box is, since unfortunately we can't track your box either if it was shipped without a tracking number. If your box hasn't been returned by Japan Post, it's on its way but may take a few more days to get to you. Thank you for your patience.

How long should I expect to wait for my box to be shipped back to me?

Returned April boxes are currently being processed and will be re-shipped by Express method around May 11. Estimated delivery times will be around 3 to 4 days after shipping. May boxes are scheduled to be shipped around May 16.

Is there a risk my box is carrying COVID-19?

We understand your concern regarding this matter. 

We also kindly invite you to read this Q&A on the COVID-19 from the World Health Organization regarding the safety of your international parcels. As mentioned, "The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low." 

Please be assured that the safety of our employees and customers remains our first priority and therefore we are doing everything we can to manage and respond with effective measures in order to help prevent the spread of infections. We also strongly encourage you to follow responsible health procedures to protect yourself and the people you come into contact with.

We will keep the information on this page updated.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this hard time. Stay safe! 

The SoKawaii Team

Any further assistance? Feel free to contact our support, we will reply within 48-72 hours!